Blue Wool Felting pack


This is a mixed bag of high quality Irish wool & merino wool, these mixed bags are perfect for both 2D & 3D needle felting or wool painting projects.

I use this Irish wool in all my Needle felting paintings & in all my classes and Workshops, the Irish wool is the dense wool it gives a fantastic coverage for 2D felted pictures, merino wool is the softer wool in the pack, it is ideal fore finishing off a project and gives a beautiful texture effect when lighted felted over the Irish wool. If you are using the merino wool do not try to break the long strands of wool,or use a scissors to cut them just pick a smaller strand off the wool and gently pull it away.

Colours may vary slightly from the image.


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This isĀ  a 30g bag of high quality wool, suitable for both dry & wet needle felting projects

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