Lampshades. Style your home or give a special gift of a unique Fabricate Lampshade. You can choose from a variety of contemporary style fabric lampshades in our online shop. Karen creates unique Handcrafted lampshades that elicit a “wow” response and add that Functional-Art factor to your home that just cannot be found on the high street. With a wide selection of shades available in-store and online you can choose from ceiling shades, bedside locker lampshades, table lamps and freestanding floor lamps. If you would like a specific colour or theme, please email
Karen is more than happy to help and a wider selection of fabrics available. We are certain that we can help you to find that special elusive something to fulfil your requirements. Lampshades can be made customised, personalised or embellished with trim or beading. The options are endless.

If you are looking for a Unique Handmade Gift then we can create a lampshade for any special occasion and coordinate a personalised embroidered name frame or unique Bunting. These designs are truly unique and all created by Karen using high quality fabrics.

Commissions. Hand painted and Textile Art shade commissions are welcome. Karen creates a selection of unique hand painted and free motion embroidery-stitched lampshades that are truly individual. If you have a specific gift idea or a style that you require for your home, please do get in touch as the options are endless. Illuminate your home with a unique lampshade. Happy shopping!

Lampshade Size Guide

Lampshade size guide.

I appreciate that it is difficult decision selecting the right size shade for your home or as a gift especially with such a wide variety of shades available.

Here are some tips to help you select the right shade:

You need to consider the size of your lamp base, you need to get the proportions right, general rule of thumb

  • Height of the shade is generally ¾ height of the base. The bottom of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the base.
  • Floor lamps generally take a 40cm (16”) or a 45cm (18”) shade
  • Consider the base if the base is bold in colour you may want a muted shade to compliment and not clash and vice versa if base is plain and simple you can consider a decorative or bold statement shade.
  • Individuality can often result in unexpected surprises and it reflects your character and a distinctive style in your home. So, don’t be afraid of colour or bold prints
  • Latest Trends, be careful as these can be seasonal & can come and go quite quickly, consider the longevity of the shade and the versatility its great to be able to move the lampshades around your home.


These are only guidelines and occasionally you will come across a lamp that will call for an oversize shade or a smaller than regular size shade.

And always remember…


I am happy to help you select the right shade for your home or as a gift, so please contact me if you need further assistance.


Illuminate Decorate Inspire

General size guide to help you select the right shade

30cm x 21cm high Medium – suitable for Table / Ceiling
30cm x 30cm high Medium – suitable for Table / Ceiling
35cm x 21cm high Medium – suitable for Table / Ceiling
40cm x 25cm high Medium – suitable for table Tamp / Ceiling Floor Lamp
45cm x 25cm high Large – suitable for Floor lamp or Ceiling pendant
70cm x 25cm high XL – suitable for Ceiling pendant for large room, hall or commercial use.


*Shades can be customised, height of shades can be altered. Trims and decorative embellishments can be added to the shades.
I have also a selection of free-standing lampshades available that are suitable for Table and Floor-lamps
All my lampshades are made with high quality fabrics ranging from 100% cotton & linens and so much more.
My lampshades are all hand rolled and all shades are fitted with a fire-retardant white PVC inner lining that is anti-yellowing.


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