We find ourselves in an unusual situation with the dreaded Covid 19 virus, which has changed our normal way of life.

A lot of us are now at home with our kids trying to find a new routine, I have decided to make some crafty videos that you may find useful for making some projects with the kiddies.

This video will help you make some gorgeous flowers, you can do your bit for the environment and maybe make the flowers out of old denims, or maybe some old shirts or fabric you make have around your home.

This is a simple yet versatile project, you can use these flowers on numerous projects like on a card, use them to jazz up a hairband or clip or make them into a fridge magnet.

I hope you enjoy the video and enjoy making some gorgeous flowers and I would appreciate if you can give my video  a Llke or share,

The template and video is attached below.

Happy Crafting Thanks Karen.

Flower and leaf template


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