What you need to know about Upcycling

I have decided to write this simple blog, after the great response to my Kitchen chair makeover photos, I recently shared on my Instagram and Facebook page. 

This is a quick reference guide on the tools and paints I used on these chairs. 

Its so rewarding when you give something a little TLC  and give a new lease of life to some old tired looking furniture. 

Been honest it really comes down to knowing and using the right products to assist you on your upcycle project. I think also dont be afraid of colour. I am definitely a colour addict and embrace the bold and the bright, it makes for something beautiful. 

The prep is the most important element after that is it so much fun.  


When you are starting an upcycle project no matter how big or small, prep is the key word……..

With so many products on the market it is really hard o know what to purchase. …

I am a big fan of Tikkurila products, they have an extensive product range, which are superior and have a proven track record, only down fall is the ridiculously long and not been able to pronounce the name of the products. …seriously dont believe me try pronouncing these products.

Firstly, you will need to degrease and clean the surface prior to sanding, see the below pictures, Kalustepesu ( the black bottle) this degreaser does an amazing job, it actually mattify the surface, I do this before I sand and after sanding, I highly recommend use of a TAC cloth, it acts like a microfiber cloth and attracts the dust and leaves no residue or fibers behind. Spray on the surface leave for 10 minutes minimum and come back and rinse off.

One your surface is sanded and degreased you are ready for the primer, I use Otex Akva, this is a water borne primer ideally for difficult surfaces, easy to use can be applied with a brush or roller, I used a brush due to the decorative surface of the chairs. This primer is an adhesion primer so it sticks to the surfaces. Highly recommended. 

The brush I love to use is the Palm pro by Zibra, it is an incredible brush for detailing, use to cut in and skirting and architrave. it rests in your palm it has contours that just lets the brush sit naturally in your hand. … only down fall i feel as a lefty when Im applying the paint flat the angle is wrong…. maybe it is just me….. but I still highly recommend the purchase of a good brush. 

You are now ready to add the paint…..

This may be the hardest part of the project, so may colours to choose from, what finish to select…!!!! so many questions.

As I said previously am a massive Tikkurila fan, I use the Helmi 30 range for all my interior wood projects, this satin finish paint is highly durable and tough finish. Available in a variety of colours, I am a big colour addict so I am attracted to the bolder, brighter hues. My only advice I can give you is to be brave be bold and select that colour that appeals to you. …

I am  a big fan of the Joanne Condon paint range in the Helmi 30, she has an eye bobbing selection.  Some of my favourite “go to colours” are Deep Diving, Kitty, Yella &  Deadly I used these 4 colours on my chairs. These are just a few from her collection. 

These Tikkurila paint, cleaning range, brushes and so much more all available from the Carlow Paint Hub, they are paint specialists with a gorgeous show room in Co Carlow. They are experts, generous with their knowledge and offer an amazing customer service team. Make sure you check them out on Instagram. Its good to support local small businesses. 

So my advice is to be brave, dont be afraid to add that pop of colour we all need this is our life…. 

Give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life…

Happy Up-cycling….. 

Regards Karen, x 

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