Wool Textile Dog Portrait


A pet is an extended member of the family, a best loyal friend, I create textile Pet portraits, generally these are purchased as a family keepsake or for a special occasion gift.

These are truly unique and a treasured Keepsake, made using a variety of textiles and styles, these can be made from Fabric and Threads or made using Needle Felting, they can be made realistic or totally modern and with a little bit of creativity.


Made with Love and customized, Each portrait is individual made using Textiles.
They portraits can be made with only fabric and free-motion stitched or they can be Needle felted using top quality Irish Wool.

The price variation is due to that cost and the size of the frame, you can choose from a small portrait
€150 this is approx. a 10″ solid wood frame.
€195 for a Medium – 12″-14″ solid wood frame
€295 for a large portrait roughly 14″ to 16″ finished frame.

I need you to provide me with a few images of the pet, you can contact me on fabricateireland@yahoo.com or DM
me on Instagram or Facebook to provide me with he images or if you need further details about the pet portraits or just cant decide which medium to choose, im happy discuss this with you further.

Additional information


Small, Medium, Large

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