Clothes Keepsake Cushions


Handmade Cushions made from a loved ones clothes, these are a real keepsake gift
You will need to provide me with a variety of clothes for these projects, any clothing not used will be returned with the cushions

If you are interested in a project like this please contact me as i also have a wider variety or products available such as patchwork or Football Jersey lampshades, Fabric rag wreaths and bunting can be made from the clothes to create treasured keepsakes

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Details : Large Double sided 50cm x 50cm Cushion, with zip opening, made using high quality fabric the cushion filler is polyester

Small Cushion is made from clothes, has been stabilized with an iron on backing to make the stretch fabric more manageable.

You will need to be careful washing these cushions as some of the clothes used may be dry clean only or not colour safe so i always advise to wipe with a cloth if you need to wash these, make sure you include a colour catcher to avoid colour transfers and in a cool wash only

Large cushion 55e and small cushion 25e

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